A Request for Help/Recipes

Dear friends,

One of my friends/colleagues is currently nursing her husband through cancer treatment.  His recent surgery was successful, and he starts chemotherapy soon, but he is on a VERY restricted diet due to his ileostomy.  His wife (my co-worker and friend) was recently discussing with me the challenge of finding creativity and flavor with very limited food choices.  I responded, “I’m GREAT with recipes!  Send me a list of his food restrictions, and I’ll get to work!”

That evening she emailed me with this link.  Needless to say, I was somewhat bewildered at how limited his choices are.  And while I’m working to come up with healthy, flavorful recipes to send to them, I thought I would reach out to a community that fully understands both healthy eating, and creativity within a restricted diet.

Obviously, I feel that a paleo menu would help him, as cancer feeds on grains, dairy, etc.  So I’m asking for your help.  If you have any ideas, PLEASE share them.  Links with recipes in the comments are welcome.  And please spread the word to your creative paleo friends!

Thanks SO much!

Jocelyn (Kokopaleo)



6 responses to “A Request for Help/Recipes

  1. http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/family-nutrition/foods-boost-immunity/recipe-immune-boosting-smoothie

    Dr. Sears, renowned child expert, experienced colon cancer. This is the smoothie he devised to help him in his recovery. I wonder if the patient’s doctor would approve all the ingredients (raw fruits can easily be pureed, for instance…the menu seems confuaing and even counter-intuitive!).

    • Agreed – the menu is very confusing. It seems that he is only allowed cooked fruit, and fruit with tiny seeds (like berries) is prohibited. It is specifically because of the ileostomy that he has these restrictions. Perhaps a smoothie with cooked fruit would be a good idea?

  2. There are a couple of recipes on my site that come to mind immediately. The first one is Cauliflower “mashed potatoes”. http://paleospirit.com/2011/cauliflower-mashed-potatoes/ It uses coconut milk instead of milk or cream so it is “paleo”. They could leave out the garlic if that is problematic.
    I would also recommend they start making some good bone broth. It is easy to digest and SO full of beneficial nutrition. Someone in cancer treatment would especially do well to ingest bone broth on a regular basis. Here’s a recipe for chicken stock. http://paleospirit.com/2011/how-to-make-homemade-chicken-stock-in-five-minutes/ and one for beef stock http://paleospirit.com/2012/how-to-make-brown-beef-bone-stock/
    There’s so info in the chicken stock post about all the good things in properly prepared bone broths.
    Hope that helps. I’ll also pray for this man. Can you give his first name? It doesn’t matter if you can’t. God knows who he is.
    You’re a sweet friend to do this for them.

  3. I’ve been posting my Paleo recipes almost daily if you want to check them out.

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