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Cranapple Crockpot Turkey Breast

Turkey.  Cranberries.  Apples.  Does anything shout, “Welcome to November!” louder than these ingredients?  And this is a crockpot recipe that is oh-so-easy to assemble for those busy days when you need to throw something together that will be ready when you come home from work (or the not-so-busy days when you’d just rather be curled up on the couch with a good book and not running around in the kitchen!)  Continue reading


Picadillo Paleo – Crockpot recipe

There are many things in life that make me proud – seeing my kids behaving politely in public, listening to my husband give a fabulous recital, observing my students as they slowly make the transition from leaving high school to starting a successful professional career…   And then there are the little “everyday” things – like stopping students and colleagues in their tracks by bringing awesome paleo leftovers to school, forcing them to abandon their path or train of thought and comment, “That smells GOOD!”  It seems I have established quite a reputation at work with those who stop by the faculty lounge just to see what I’ve concocted for the day. Continue reading